​​"Mark contributed significantly in building the Lexus brand.  He played a leadership role in the research and strategy development targeting Lexus as a more youthful and emotional brand."

          -- Bryan Bergsteinsson, GM (former) at Lexus  

"Mark Rosenberg knows exactly what he is doing—that was obvious from the beginning. He is a professional to the core, and it was a pleasure to be part of the experience he lead. His presence and approach enabled our group to be open, authentic, contributive, and to truly create.
Under his guidance, our team become aware of several opportunities we had previously overlooked; and we identified key areas we could leverage to deliver a richer experience to our clients."

          -- Jonathan Rogers. VP Global Marketing at MDF Instruments USA

"Building off a quantitative study we just completed, Mark helped orchestrate and execute a cost-effective qualitative phase that added insight, color and depth.  Mark helped bring clarity to our objectives, better define our audience and build a dialogue with donors and prospects hat significantly impacted our communication strategies and improved results."
          -- Lisa Scott Benson, Sr. VP, Strategy & Planning, Russ Reid Company

"His moderating style is smooth and natural, befriending and handling young respondents warmly, casually and with humor.  He really got them to open up.    Mark would go the extra step to meet and pre-screen every candidate respondent before each discussion, helping ensure the highest quality respondent involvement and screening.    He was able to lead the back room and clearly augment, explain and debriefed what we had observed."

        -- Benny Thomas, SVP, Global Planning Director, Young & Rubicam

"Mark has provided a thoughtful perspective regarding issues on our business and has assisted our agency in crafting a relevant, strategically targeted advertising campaign.  I can count on him to be objective in interpreting data while also being comfortable providing a point-of-view..."
        -- Karen Eadon, VP, CMO, El Pollo Loco

"Most recently, Mark was an instrumental leader for both agency and client in a difficult strategic project in an extremely dynamic and competitive category.    He designed, led and conducted both quantitative and qualitative research to fuel positioning development and target audience analysis.  Mark's positive attitude is reflected in the quality of his work.  He's fun and easy to work with..."
        -- Dwain Taylor, President & CEO, ADK America

"Mark is what every great planner should be: smart, quick, sensitive, enthusiastic, relentless, insightful, and passionate about advertising.    He knows that, at the end of the day, a brief is worthless unless it leads to great creative.  He is a total pleasure to work with.  As a creative person, I can ask no more than that."
        -- Michael Robertson, Vice Chairman, Executive Creative Director, BATES USA

"I was impressed by Mark's ability to:

 - Patiently and warmly guide a diverse client team to clearly understanding the research process with a POV on positioning research.

- Add value in designing an innovative qualitative approach that crystalized responses and helped observers understand underlying motivations, not just stated responses.

- Be fun and energizing to work with as a partner and moderator for both the research team and for clients.

- Easily and quickly welcome and incorporate a range of client feedback and direction into moderation, analysis and several stages of findings presentation.
        -- Sam Hornsby, Associate Director, Flamingo New York

"I was very impressed with Mark's creativity and resourcefulness in research design.  He had managed to field clinics and focus groups in venues that, from an orthodox approach, are not possible.     He also made recruiting challenges in these venues seem easy..."
        -- Odeon S. Dy, Automotive Operations, American Suzuki Motor Corporation

"I've had the pleasure of working with Isabel on multiple crucial projects. First, when you work with Isabel you have a true partner from start to finish. Her exceptional moderating skills are only the tip of the iceberg - when it comes to quick turn around analysis and in-depth cultural context Isabel is simply the best I've worked with. Insights are never on the surface, and Isabel is always revealing the next layer. I also truly respect and appreciate the way she carries all of these professional attributes with such ease, making each project a smooth and enjoyable experience."
          -- Frank Gutowski, Vice President, MarketVision Research

"I have known Isabel for over 13 years.    As a moderator, she is engaging and intelligent, and her warmth instantly can defrost the most non-engaged respondent. As a marketing strategist, she brings both experience and a brilliant mind to the table. She is a joy to work with.   Isabel Balboa is one of those few people that never lets you down. She is consistently on point. I highly recommend her without qualifications."
          -- David Morse, President & CEO, New American Dimensions